SV 60 M

The SV60 M model is the smallest of the JUNIOR series, has a fixed working surface wich has a plate welded around to support the strains already cuted. It can be operated with single-phase or three-phase electric engine.

Technical Specifications
Model SV60 M3 - 230 / 400 Volt
Code 100.100.1 / 100.100.2
Power type Electric Engine
Motor power HP 3 ( 2,2 kW )
Wedge pushing force 6 Ton
Quantity of biodegradable hydraulic oil plant 5 liters
The cylinder stroke 54 cm
Hydraulic pump Singola Pompa
Log cutting height 55 cm
Movement wheels diameter 21 cm
Dimensions  (W x D x H) 51 x 81 x 105 cm
Weight 90 kg